Through the past

10 years...

Worship Life Church

Est. 2012

In the spring of 2012, Wayne and Jennifer Lee moved to Jasper, AL from a prophetic word that they received from the Lord about coming to their home land to awaken sleeping giants here in Walker County. Worship Life Church held their first service on May 1, 2012 at a local park in Jasper.

Worship Life 

Center Est. 2013

Not long after we began as Worship Life Church in the old dollar general on the east side of town, Apostle Rolle visits and prophesies to us that we are not just a church but a center. Worship Life has their first identity change to Worship Life Center.

Worship Life Jasper

moves Downtown 

Est. 2015

In 2015 we were able to move to a warehouse in downtown Jasper where our church then grew to about 90 people. We had our first service in the round in this building. We also like to call this building a place of covenant as many people from our church got married at this location.

10 Year 



Join us on July 21, 2022 for a time of celebration to honor the last 10 years of sowing seeds of awakening into Walker County. God truly is so faithful. To thank Him for His faithfulness, we will look back and REMEMBER what he brought us through to get us to the place we are today. This ministry started in our local park and now, we own land with a building that will service the entire community. 

Special Guest Speaker:

Denise Goulet

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Worship Life Jasper moves to the Old J.C.Pennies 

Est. 2020

We had received multiple confirming prophetic words that we would take on the Jasper Mall in our journey. In 2020, the Lord provided a way for us to rent the old J.C.Pennies at the Mall. We were excited to build and spread our tent pegs with a larger space for our people. This space was a place of great faith.

Worship Life Jasper moves to the Factory Connection 

Est. 2021

In May 2021 we had received news that our space at the old J.C.Pennies had been sold which lead us to moving again. We rented space in storefronts provided by the Jasper Mall. At the old Factory Connection, we learned about our identity as the remnant God was calling us to be. 

The Storehouse takes the Old Bulls Building Supply 

Est. 2022

God really is so faithful. As we solidified our identity as the remnant of God, we saw another name change coming our way. "The Storehouse" kept ringing from the mouths of prophets and into the ears of the people. In February of 2022, we were able to sign on our OWN building with a lot of 8 acres. Now, we must celebrate. 

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