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Passover Seder Celebration

Passover is a beautiful and sacred time to celebrate our redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ, our Passover Lamb. Seder is a traditional meal that Jesus partook in to remember our redemption from the bondage of Egypt and how God led the people of Israel out to freedom. It is a portraying of the bondage sin has us in today and how God has led us out through Jesus. If you have never participated in this meal, we encourage you to sign up and experience it for yourself! 


Event Information

Because there are so many elements to the meal, the price reflects that. Remember that this includes the entire meal, the sacrements, and the paper products to cover everyone. 

There is an option for childcare for children ages 0-5. The cost is $5/child. This covers a meal, a snack, and the person caring for them. If you are planning on using the childcare option, the ticket must be purchased by April 14th. After this date, we will not longer be adding anyone else to childcare. 

All ticket sales will end on April 14th. We will no longer be taking registration after this date to ensure we have enough seating, food, and elements for the event. 

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